Instagram Stories: More Important Than Ever

Recently, I did an experiment on my Instagram page.

For 3 days, I was super active on my Instagram, crazy active. I shared everything about my day, did polls, shared posts I liked, and did multiple videos of myself talking. Even if it wasn’t exactly business related, I shared it. Then, for another 3 days, I was super quiet on my Instagram stories. I maybe shared a couple of posts that I liked and a selfie but that’s it.

Linden-Co-Social-Media-July-Stacey-Krolow-Photography (5 of 10).jpg

The results actually really surprised me.

On the days that I was extra active on my stories, my page views doubled and my followers grew more than they had in months. And when I wasn’t active, they went right back down. 

I always knew that Instagram stories were important for a social media strategy but this really solidified to me just how important they truly are!

We’ve seen this for our clients as well-- we work with a destination wedding planner that was recently in Mexico and Jamaica and was on her stories way more than usual, sharing all of her international adventures. And guess what? Her reach, impressions, and website clicks all doubled. Her followers grew by 34% and her engagement was above average. Wow.

If you’re saying to yourself “great, but I have no idea what to post on my Instagram story!”, you aren’t alone. And we’re here to help! We’ve outlined our top ten best Instagram story ideas/tips for you to boost your numbers across the board!

  1. This one is easy-- share a post in your feed that you think you resonate with your audience! Just press the little paper plane in the bottom left side of the post and share away.

  2. Cuteness overload. Share your pet doing something adorable! This one is always a big hit.

  3. Use the quiz sticker to challenge your audiences’ knowledge about your industry. Everyone loves a challenge.

  4. Speaking of stickers, use the poll sticker to ask your audience for their opinion on a hot topic. Nothing too crazy, something fun that gets them engaged.

  5. Again...stickers! Use the question sticker to get recommendations, or give your audience a chance to ask questions.

  6. Do a quick boomerang-- they’re eye catching and more engaging than a standstill photo!

  7. “A day in the life of…” trust me, more people connect with the everyday content more than you’d think. Even if you think your life is “boring”, post anyways and see what happens.

  8. Share “sneak peeks” and build hype around a product/service

  9. Create a fill-in-the-blank template on Canva and post it to your stories. Make sure you include a blank version so that others can screenshot and reshare!

  10. Collaborate with someone whose account compliments yours and do an Instagram story takeover-- you can take over their stories for the day to reach a new audience and/or they can take over yours so that you can boost engagement and not have to worry about creating the story content. Win-win!

Now you’ve got no excuse! Keep up with the algorithm and get on your Instagram stories. If you create a story inspired by this blog post...tag us! We’ll reshare it on our page!