Engagement, Engagement, Engagement

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Do you want to know the fastest way to grow an Instagram account? The real, big, juicy secret to gaining more followers that are truly invested in your business?

The answer lies in authentic and organic engagement!

Engagement is described as anytime someone interacts with your page, whether it’s through likes, comments, DM’s, replying to an Instagram poll, or saving a post. Believe it or not, Likes are the LOWEST form of engagement! If you want to boost your engagement rate and create real relationships you should be aiming for the other types of engagement listed above!

We know that consumers need to interact with a brand at least 7 times before they’ll make any sort of move towards making a purchase, so why not start building up those interactions by seeking out your dream client and engaging with them on their content so that they feel seen, heard, and validated.

Creating these relationships is what leads to engaged, real followers that will actually spend money on your product or service. It's not always about how many followers you have, it’s about the type of followers you have...because as a business, you’re not on Instagram just for the popularity contest, you want to be making money!

The number one thing is getting very clear on who your dream client is. When you’re clear on this, you can connect with them in a way that feels natural and authentic for both of you. Doing this allows them to form a connection with your brand and with enough of that genuine engagement, you will be the first to pop into their head when they need your services (and because they’re your dream client, they will eventually need your services)!

A few strategies that you can start implementing today to boost engagement…

  1. Find niche hashtags specific to your industry or dream client, and leave thoughtful comments on the most recent posts.

  2. Utilize Instagram stories, they’re a great way to engage with your audience! Polls, Question Stickers, Multiple Choice quizzes, etc. are all low-pressure ways of inviting your audience to engage with you on a daily basis.

  3. Include calls to action in your captions. “Tag 3 people that need this message today…” “Share this post to reference back to…” “Share on your story for a shoutout…” “Double tap if…”

When it comes to social media and engagement, the key thing to remember is that we’re always trying to build those authentic relationships. Your ideal client is much more likely to buy from you if they feel like you’ve already taken the time to build a connection with them, so make sure you’re spending at least 20-30 minutes on this every day.

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Alaysha Vander Linden