Instagram hiding likes - My honest opinion

Its official, Instagram has hidden likes from Canadian users and people are raising some concerns when it comes to their business on the platform.

Currently, Instagram is testing out hiding likes from users in Canada, before the feature is rolled out everywhere else. You are still able to see WHO has liked your posts and the NUMBER of people that liked it, but you are now unable to see other peoples likes, and they are unable to see yours.

The big concern that influencers and business owners are voicing is that their engagement will go down because their “like-counts” are hidden. Luckily this feature shouldn’t drastically change engagement, in fact, it might even make engagement more authentic! This is mainly because people won’t mindlessly be tapping like they were before. Another bonus to removing the “like count” is you are able to really see what types of posts and content are performing the best! Reducing the importance of that “like-count” can help you focus on what matters most, your content.


As far as tracking your business analytics, nothing has changed. You will still be able to calculate your average likes and engagement behind the scenes so you can still plan out your content and follow your overall social media strategy.

Personally, I can appreciate that Instagram is making a strong effort to minimize the way people compare themselves to each other on the platform. This could be a huge step in bettering mental health issues surrounded by social media! Removing the “like-count” will give Instagram a less pressurized environment and allow people to be more authentic.

Remember, Instagram is not a platform for popularity contests. It is a place to tell your authentic story, connect with clients and share your everyday life with others. Removing the “like-count” from Instagram may seem different, but I’ve got a good feeling about this one.

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Alaysha Vander Linden