Social media, newsletters, and blogs...oh my!

We have exciting news!

We’ve launched not one, but two new services this month…copywriting for both newsletters and blogs!


Let’s break it down

Newsletters and blog posts play an important part of your overall social and marketing strategy. Let us tell you why…

  1. Diversity

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket by just focusing on social media. It’s important to have multiple places where you’re interacting with your audience to... 

A. Keep you top of mind

B. To have a backup in case one of your platforms is down

2. Teamwork 

Blogs, newsletters, and social media should all be working together as one large system for your business. They should have cohesive messaging and let your ideal clients know who you are and what you’re all about in new and interesting ways.

3. Funnels

You post a blog all about your product/service and why your dream client needs it. It’s more in-depth than a social media post and by the end of it your audience will be dying to book a call with you. But how do you get your audience to this amazing blog post? Through your newsletter and social media! You write a social media post and newsletter directing them to your blog post, get above-average traffic on your site, and even book a few calls (where you make the final sale). This is an effective sales funnel...if done properly and consistently it can yield amazing results for your business.

4. Connection

When you send out a newsletter or write a blog post with updates on your business, you’re simply offering another way for your audience to connect with you. And more than that, those that are already signed up for your newsletter or reading your blog are the most likely people to be interested in your business. They’ve already shown an interest in your business simply by going to your blog and/or signing up for your newsletter which is why they’re both such great places to connect with your audience.

Have we convinced you yet?! Seriously, adding newsletters and blogs to your social media management is a great way to grow your business and continue connecting with those ideal clients. You’ll have an effective sales funnel, and a more direct line to your audience which leads to increased traffic and sales…need we say more?!

If you’re curious about how professional copywriting for your newsletter and/or blog can help skyrocket your business, click HERE!

Alaysha Vander Linden