Peak Wedding Season is Here - Let’s Get Social!

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The trees are blooming, the sun is shining and love is in the air. You’re already seeing white gowns flowing through Riverside Park and photographers capturing gorgeous brides and dapper grooms. It is the season wedding planners, caterers and photographers alike anticipate each year. Wedding season.

More and more, couples are planning the perfect unplugged wedding. The modern bride wants their guests present. Which means no one is checking their email, Instagram or Facebook as she’s saying ‘I do’. And that means as a professional, you won’t be either.

Social media management should be the last thing on your mind while you’re perfecting your client’s dream wedding. No one wants a wedding coordinator who’s too busy updating their website to actually plan a wedding. Or a photographer too busy posting yesterday’s wedding on Instagram to shoot the wedding they’re currently at.

But here’s the kick: no one will even know about your stellar wedding skills if your website is out of date or your if your Instagram is seriously bare.

But how are you supposed to show the world your amazing brand when you’ve got a wedding to prepare during your peak Instagram hours?  Here is where social media management comes in.


Leave your phone on silent and let your social media manager handle the rest.

Whether you’re a photographer, dancer or dentist, social media can help you expand your business. The more you post your stunning pictures of your work, your moves or your clients sparkling teeth the more people will notice.

Did you know that an average consumer needs to come into contact with a brand seven times before they make a purchase with that brand? Which leads me to the next way that social media management can help your business. Engagement.

So even if you’re busy trying to find the perfect winery to fit your client’s giant Italian family, your followers and potential clients still feel attended to. They want to know that you care. So even if you’re too busy choosing between Monte Creek and Harper’s Trail, you’re still responding and ‘liking’ all those brides-to-be that are commenting up a storm your Instagram feed. So, let us engage with your growing community while you do the rest.

Social media managers are experts at what to post and when. So it’s no longer your job to sweat over whether to post Jamie and Ryan’s engagement photos before or after breakfast. Leave that all up to your SMM! We’ve got your back.

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