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You’re a badass wedding professional. You know it. Your clients know it. The only people who don’t know it are the people you haven’t worked with yet.

How do you let all of those potential clients know that you’re the best at what you do? Well, in the land of Social Media the Instagram bio is king. This small area of information has a big impact on how your potential clients see you.

So? What are the keys to a killer Instagram bio? Let me lay it down for you.

Your Company Name

This may sound obvious but it’s something you don’t want to overlook. In Instagram, you have your username and you have your actual name. And they’re not to be confused. Make sure your company or business name is clearly inserted into the “name” field. And make sure that if you’ve changed your company name in the past that you inform your followers that it’s been changed!

People will be likely searching for your business by your businesses name and not your username. This is important to remember.

What You Do

So, what makes you the most badass wedding professional out there? Let us know why. You want people to know exactly what you do and what sets you apart from the rest of the gazillion wedding professionals out there. Your Instagram bio is your chance to express exactly why you’re better than the wedding pro next door.

You’re the only Wedding Planner in the Okanagan who focuses on planning country weddings? Let us know. It will only help you.

Do you have different packages for different price ranges? Include that too! People want to know that you can accommodate their needs. The more information about exactly what you do, the better.

Be Specific, Use Keywords and Calls to Action

Knowing what sets you apart from the rest is important. And the more specific you can be, the better.

You’re also the only wedding planner who hand-picks flowers to match your bride’s dress? Preach. And preach it loud in your Instagram bio! Letting people know that you’re a “Wedding Planner | Floral Arrangement Expert | Country Girl at Heart” will help people understand you and your brand. You have 150 words to express your entire business! Make it count.

You want clients to give you a call? Tell them. A simple “Call for a free consultation” will do. Anything you want to have happen: let it be known.

Location, Location, Location

No one’s going to get the perfect Okanagan country wedding accompanied by your perfect floral arrangements if nobody knows where the heck you are! So let them know! Make sure you include where you’re based out of.

Hashtags and Emojis

There’s nothing more annoying than an Instagram bio chalked-fulled of useless and unnecessary emojis. Nobody is impressed by your use of the horse emoji. Narrow it down to a few appropriate, appealing and classy emojis. Don’t overdo it.

The same can be said for hashtags. Does your business have a catchphrase? Hashtag it. But there’s no need to hashtag that you’re a #wedding #planner from #Kelowna #who #loves #horses. Keep it simple. Keep it classy. As with emojis, don’t overdo it.  

Email, Phone Numbers and Linking Your Blog

Don’t forget, as a business account you can include your phone number, email, and location. Forgetting these features could mean that potential clients don’t give you a call. Make it easy for them! Remember to fill out your email and phone number fields in the “profile edit” tools!

Most importantly, include your website! There is a specific area for this. Use it. Have a blog? You can include a link to it in your bio! Make sure your link is small, too. You don’t want to use your precious 150 words in an exceedingly long blog link. Got a long blog url? You can shorten lit with Bitly!

And that’s it!

Remember: short, sweet and classy Instagram bios are what is going to get you noticed. Excessive use of emojis is just plain annoying. Leave the hashtags for the bottom of your posts. And don’t forget to include all your contact info!

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