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Fern & Frond

Social Media Strategy Session

“I had been admiring Alaysha on Instagram for a year before I sat down with her for a social media strategy session. Since we met my relationship with Instagram and engagement with my audience has changed completely! I learned how to communicate who I am and what my brand values are in a cohesive way. Alaysha helped me to set goals for my social media and also gave me the tools to develop and create a strategy to achieve them. Alaysha's support has been invaluable to me and I'm so inspired to work towards building community through social media the way she does!”


Cocoa Dot Cakes

Social Media Management

“From the very beginning, Alaysha took the time to learn about Cocoa Dot Cakes and me as a business owner. She has shown the utmost respect for my brand and the vision that I have for Cocoa Dot Cakes in the long term. She demonstrated an ability to learn quickly by taking on any request or new task with enthusiasm. I can tell that she’s actually thinking strategically by the thoughtful questions she asks and her method of scheduling that aligns with my long term goals. I couldn’t be happier with how Alaysha has transformed my social media (across multiple platforms).”


Rozalind Boudoir

Social Media Management

“Alaysha has been a lifesaver for my Boudoir business! Giving away control of something as important as my social media accounts was daunting at first, but after working with Alaysha for the past year, I honestly do not know how I was doing it without her! She makes sure that you are getting the most out of your experience with her, and she is always coming up with new ideas to keep things fresh and interesting for customers. Her positive attitude and knowledge in social media are evident in every meeting I have with her, and her works speaks for herself. Highly recommend her services!”


Carley Morgan

Content Creator, Brand Coaching

“In just a short time of knowing Alaysha, it feels as though I have known her longer. She is such a breath of fresh air when it comes to strategically talking the “social media” business. I was able to give her my ideas, and with so much enthusiasm, I left with her making me feel like I could do it all. She doesn’t leave anything out, when it comes down to her opinions and advice on any idea I throw her way. Her constructive business knowledge helps you go in the right direction.”


Axiana Solstice

Social Media Coaching Program

“...With her friendly yet professional demeanor and wide array of knowledge in the art of bringing your brand to life, Alaysha is my number one go to girl for all things social media! I can’t recommend her enough. Within the first few months of working together my whole attitude towards even my biggest goals improved, and I saw my profits and engagement online quickly pick up. If you want to take your social media to the next level and see promising results I highly recommend working with Linden & Co.!”


Shindig Shop

Social Media Management

“I also wanted to say you’re doing an amazing job! When my friends and family read your captions, they can’t believe that I’m not the one writing them, cause you just get my heart for community and what Shindig Shop is all about. AND the engagement!!! Highest compliments to you.”